Custom Projects

The best way to start the conversation

Custom Projects

Your Ideas, Our Execution

We find the best way to start the conversation is when discussing a custom fabrication project, whether it's - racking, framework, machine guards, workbenches, tables, carts, furniture, entrance gates or more. We will work with you to identify your vision. Often a walk through the shop to view various material types and sizes followed by a design consultation is the best way to bring your project ideas to life! During the discussion, we come up with ideas that enhance function while maintaining the original form. As a custom fabrication shop, we cannot match big box store prices however we deliver a custom build tailored to your specific needs and requests seamlessly.


What You Need to Know

Are all estimates free?

Yes, all our estimates for custom-based projects are provided free of charge to all our customers. The price of steel is extremely volatile, all material pricing is valid for one week.

Can I book an in-shop design consultation?

Booking an in-shop design consultation will get you a one-on-one experience where we can generate a basic computer model inline with your vision and create an estimate right there and then. 

I think my project needs an on site visit?

If a site visit is required for a consultation, we may apply a fee to cover travel/time costs. We will credit this fee if we are awarded the contract to complete your project.

What are the kinds of questions I should be prepared for?

To start we’ve identified some common questions. Being able to answer a few within your initial request is extremely helpful. Designs consults help but are not required if you know exactly what your after.

  • What’s your idea?
  • What is the intended purpose?
  • Material type? (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Do you have any reference photos to help describe your idea?
  • Do you have a rough sketch of the design?
  • Measurements? – Height / width / length.
  • Any restrictions?
  • Is this intended to fit on, in, around? If so, we need those dimensions as well.
  • Where is it going? Room dimensions?
  • What is the path of travel for install?
  • Big project + small doorway found time of installation = costly headache…
  • Pictures, pictures, PICTURES!!!
  • How will this having this help you in the long run?
  • What’s the timeline expectation?
  • Finishing detail?
  • Bare / painted / powder coated / galvanized?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?

Let's Get Started!

Request your free quote and get your new project started today!

Let's Get Started!

Request your free quote and get your new project started today!