Container Refurbishment and Repair
Brent's Welding and Fabrication Opened As A Bin Repair Shop In 2011. Specializing in Rolloff and Front End Bin Repairs of All Sizes.  We specialize in Customizing bins for your specific needs and Restoring Bins To Practically New Condition. 

Rolloff Containers 
Services include Door replacements, Floor Inserts, Patching Holes, Rail repairs and replacements and painting to prevent rust and maintain a great corporate image for your company 

Front End Containers
Front end or dumpster services Include Steel lid install, Side door install, Cardboard slot modifications, Caster install, Pocket Repairs , painting and any modifications for your customers specific applications  

Compactor Containers 
We Repair all size compactors, Rolloff and Front End bins, Including self-contained compacting units. Modifying charge holes, adding pin off systems for transporting and repainting are just a few of the services we offer for compactors 
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